What is a Master Plan?

    A Master Plan is a term commonly used to describe a comprehensive planning process for the future of a place or facility. A Master Plan document is a planning and design framework that describes the vision for a place and provides a guide for implementing improvement works over time. 

    When will the Master Plan be finished?

    Since community engagement on the first draft of the Master Plan in August 2018, the project team has been busy working behind the scenes.

    We are pleased to advise that the final draft master plan is ready.

     This final draft master plan will now be considered by Adelaide Park Lands Authority (APLA) and Council

    I need to report an issue with Whitmore Square/Iparrityi, how can I do that?

    If you have an issue which needs to be addressed in the short term or immediately, please call CoA customer centre on 8203 7203.  If you would like to have your say on the future of Whitmore Square /Iparrityi Master Plan, please refer to the section ‘How do I provide my feedback’ for options.

    When will change begin in the square?

    The master plan will provide a plan for how the square will develop progressively. Implementation of any changes will only occur after the master plan is finalised.

    Quick Win Lighting Improvements

    We are implementing lighting to the diagonal path from Sturt Street west to Wright Street east, and feature lighting to three large trees. This path is a popular route for pedestrians walking to/from the Market District, and was one of the top issues raised in community engagement.

    The new path lighting will trial an innovative lighting fixture that has better distribution of light, requiring fewer poles and less energy to meet our lighting standards.

    Construction works are expected to be undertaken between April and June 2019. Further details will be posted in the square in advance of works starting.

    I like the square the way it is, why do we need to change it?

    The Whitmore Square/Iparrityi Master Plan process will strengthen what is already successful about the square, as well as recommending improvements. 

    How are people's concerns about anti-social behaviour and personal safety being addressed?

    The City of Adelaide recognises everyone’s right to enjoy public spaces safely. If you are concerned for the safety of yourself or others, or you witness anti-social behaviour, please call Police on 131 444 or 000 in an emergency. 

    The City of Adelaide works closely with the state government and other social services in the south west who support vulnerable people who use the city. You can learn more about our role in the Info Sheet under the Documents section. 

    The  Master Plan will focus on how changes to the physical Square, streets and public space can help encourage respectful behaviour, more people using the Square looking out for each other, and improve people’s sense of personal safety through design and upgraded infrastructure, such as lighting.

    Will the Whitmore Square/Iparrityi Master Plan suggest trees are planted or removed?

    Trees are considered a vital part of the square and any plans will provide for tree succession, if required. 

    Will the Whitmore Square/Iparrityi Master Plan investigate road and pedestrian safety?

    Yes, this is a key element that will be investigated and recommendations made as part of the process. Your input is therefore very important to us.

    There’s a lot of new buildings near the Square, what role does the Whitmore Square/Iparrityi Master Plan play with this?

    The Whitmore Square/Iparrityi Master Plan will consider how buildings interact with the square and how they are designed to integrate with public space. The Development Plan guides any development on private land.

    I have heard there are plans for a new tram route, is that being considered in the project?

    The State Government, through the Department for Planning, Transport and Infrastructure, has identified a preferred route for a future CBD tram loop. There is currently no timeframe to progress the CBD tram loop. Preparing a Vision for the square can be used by CoA to positively influence any future tram planning in the city.

    Will this project prevent me from using the square?

    No, this project is about planning for future improvements so these can be agreed and funded. There will be no change to how the square functions for now. 

    How will the Master Plan impact my business?

    Your business will be engaged throughout the process, allowing you to comment on any issues or improvements to the square. There are no construction works involved in the master planning process.

    I’ve lived on the square for a long time, how will my views be considered?

    We value responses from community members that have a strong relationship to the square. Get involved! Please refer to the section ‘How do I provide my feedback’ for options.

    My community speaks limited English, what are you doing to ensure we know what is going on?

    The project team will be seeking assistance from key representative groups to gather views from the diverse South West community. Please call or email if you would like to discuss this further.