What do you need to include in the submission?

    Submissions must clearly address items raised in the Selection Criteria and include:

    • Details of your proposal,
    • The designated area of the River Torrens required,
    • Proposed operating times,
    • Proposed infrastructure requirements,
    • Proposed length of licence/tenue,
    • Detail of community need and Council priorities met by the proposal,
    • Details of the uniqueness of your proposal,
    • Background on your organisation and capability to deliver the project,
    • Clear financial and commercial details,
    • Any costs and requirements of Council,
    • Risks associated with the proposal,
    • Details of intellectual property required or owned as part of the proposal, and
    • Provide evidence of Public Liability Insurance and a Risk Management Plan (Location specific).

    Who can apply?

    Anyone can apply for the EOI and commercial businesses, limited companies, incorporated associations, sole traders, educational institutions and not for profit organisations are encouraged to apply.

    Why are only certain times available on the River Torrens?

    Weekday early mornings (6-10am) and late afternoons (4-6pm) are identified as peak times for active recreation such as rowing which take priority over commercial businesses.

    Current commercial businesses do not usually operate within these hours on weekdays.

    Taking into account current rowing schedules and operating hours of existing commercial business licence holders, there is currently no capacity for additional commercial businesses to operate before 11.30am on weekends.

    These operating hours will be reviewed as existing licences are due for renewal.

    What is the Council looking for?

    The following key principles inform the selection process.

    • P1 Proposals use active recreation to activate the River Torrens, 
    • P2 The proposal is suitable for and adds value to the River Torrens,
    • P3 The proposed location and operating hours align with available capacity and do not clash with existing users,
    • P4 The proponent has in place or has investigated public liability insurance for the proposal and has developed a location specific risk management plan,
    • P5 The proposal contributes to the Council’s strategic objectives,
    • P6 The proposal is unique and has not been seen in the City before,
    • P7 Capacity and capability of the proponent to deliver the project successfully,
    • P8 Proposal has limited risks to Council, and
    • P9 Costs and requirements of Council are limited.

    How do we apply?

    Applicants must provide:
    • A completed EOI Application form within this pack,
    • Evidence of available funds to run their activity or event,
    • Evidence of $20m public liability insurance, and
    • Evidence of a risk management plan.

    How will the successful applicants be chosen?

    All applicants will undergo the same evaluation process and will be assessed against the following criteria (please also see attached Selection Criteria Form):

    Suitability of Business Proposed
    • Does it value add to the Park Lands
    • Has it been done before
    • Does something similar exist
    • Suitability of preferred Location and Operating Hours
    • Does the proposed location lend itself to this activity
    • Does it clash with existing activity
    • Would there be conflicts with other businesses in the proposed area
    • Would the community be supportive
    Community/Council Priority
    • Does the proposal contribute to Council’s Strategic Plan
    • Does the proposal contribute to Active City Objectives
    • Is there demand for the activity or does it meet community need
    • Can the proposal be delivered by another organisation
    • Does the proponent own intellectual property
    • Are any unique finance agreements in place allowing the proponent to deliver over other organisations
    • Additional factors – how unique is it, does it happen anywhere else in Metro Adelaide
    • Does it bring something new to the City
    Capacity and Capability of Proponent
    • Accurate description of the organisation is provided
    • Proponent has previous experience and success in delivering similar projects
    • Proponent has experience in working with local government
    • Proponent has skills and competencies to successfully deliver project
    • Proponent has intellectual property in place
    • Third Party involvement, experience and track record
    Financial and Commercial Details
    • Brief description is provided
    • Are income and expenditure predictions realistic
    • Is the cost to participants/customers fair
    Cost and requirements of the Council
    • Are there any financial implications for Council
    • What do they require of Council - Permission/approvals/Infrastructure?
    • Has the proponent listed relevant risks to Council
    • Is the level of Risk worthwhile
    • Has the proponent identified relevant risks for themselves

    How do I lodge an EOI Application?

    There are a number of ways in which you can lodge an EOI Application:

    EOI Application Form (LINK)
    Complete the EOI Application Form to formally apply for a commercial business opportunity activating the River Torrens.
    Applications must include contact details of the applicant as well as satisfying the Selection Criteria and Key Principles.
    Applicant details will be included in a report to Council which will be presented in Confidence due to the commercial nature of the applications.

    Alternatively, applications can be emailed to yoursay@cityofadelaide.com.au.

    All hardcopy applications must be received by 5.00 pm on the date advertised and should be addressed to:

    Expression of Interest 
    Activation of the River Torrens/ Karrawirra Parri
    GPO Box 2252, Adelaide SA 5001

    What happens to my EOI application?

    After the prescribed closing date, all EOI applications will be acknowledged by the contact person via email or letter.

    All EOI applications received will be reviewed and assessed against the Selection Criteria contained within this Information Pack by a review panel. Please note that due the competitive nature of this EOI process administrative staff are unable to provide specific advice and information to applicants as this may give your application a commercial advantage over other applications.

    This process will then be subject to a report to Council in which a recommendation will be made to Council on which application best addressed the selection criteria.

    Once a decision has been made by Council all EOI applicants will be notified whether they have been successful or note.

    Formal agreements between Council and the successful applicants will then be negotiated and completed before leases and/or licences are issued.

    **Please note that any submissions received after the EOI close date will not be considered. **