What are the benefits of this project?

    The upgraded streetscape will provide a number of benefits to the community:

    • The flush design of the footpath and roadway will create a flexible space to support opportunities for other street activities such as special events, markets and street parties.
    • It will enhance pedestrian and outdoor dining experiences.
    • It will also create a more attractive and welcoming street environment, with improved footpaths, LED lighting and greening that will contribute to increased pedestrian use and patronage of businesses in the street.

    Once completed, the upgrade will provide a key gateway to the East End, Ebenezer Place, Vardon Avenue and Rundle Street as well as upcoming developments such as Paxton’s Walk, Vaughan Place and Lot 14.

    Will the number of on-street parking spaces be reduced?

    The planned works will maintain the existing number of on-street parking spaces, but it is possible the location of individual loading zone, timed parking and motorcycle spaces may change after consideration of the feedback received.

    Will I be able to access my off-street car park during construction?

    Access to all off-street car parking and businesses will be maintained throughout construction.

    Will Union Street be made a shared use zone in the future?

    There are no plans to create a shared use zone in Union Street, either at present or as part of a future project. Any such change to vehicle access would require extensive consultation with the community.

    Will there be extra greenery in the street?

    The concept design includes the installation of a number of planter boxes around outdoor dining areas. We will consider other areas within the street following feedback from this consultation.

    When will construction take place?

    Construction will commence following the Festival/ Fringe period, starting in mid-April 2020 and running until July 2020. We will be in contact closer to the commencement date regarding the timing of construction.

    How will construction impact on the street?

    The project delivery team will work with businesses and residents during construction to ensure disruption is minimised and access is maintained through advertising, directional signage, stickers and ‘open for business’ signage.

    During construction traffic movement in the street will be in a one-way direction from Rundle Street to Currie Street, thereby maintaining access for residents, carpark users, traders and visitors to the street and the adjoining laneways.

    On-street parking will also be removed on a temporary basis to provide access to businesses in Ebenezer Place, residential carparks and the Wilson Carpark. There may be short windows of road closure, however these times will be coordinated well in advance with all affected parties.