What is Kadaltilla / Park Lands Authority?

    Kadaltilla/ Park Lands Authority is the principal advisor to both Council and the State Government on the protection, management, enhancement and promotion of the Adelaide Park Lands. It is comprised of ten members, four of whom are appointed by Council and five by the State Government. The development and review of the Adelaide Park Lands Management Strategy is one of Kadaltilla's key responsibilities. 

    What will the Community Forum involve?

    Kadaltilla / Park Lands Authority is holding its annual Community Forum on Saturday 20 August at the Adelaide Zoo. Drop in any time between 10.00am and 3.00pm to learn more about the Park Lands and to share your views about their future with Kadaltilla Board members and Council officers. 

    What is the Adelaide Park Lands Management Strategy?

    The Adelaide Park Lands Management Strategy 2015 -2025 (APLMS) provides a framework for the important and ongoing advisory role of the Kadaltilla / Park Lands Authority on Park Lands policy and projects. Kadaltilla is committed to the protection and enhancement of the Park Lands as a globally recognised park system which surrounds and permeates the city and which are central to its identity.

    The APLMS also guides the decision making and funding contributions of both the City of Adelaide and the State Government.

    Why is the Strategy being reviewed?

    The Adelaide Park Lands Act 2005 requires that the Authority undertake a comprehensive review of the Management Strategy at least once every 5 years.

    What’s the best way to provide feedback?

    You can complete the short survey on this Your Say page.

    You may also like to share your views and ideas with Kadaltilla Board members by attending the annual Community Forum planned for Saturday 20 August, 2022 at the Adelaide Zoo.

    There will also be the opportunity to comment on the revised Adelaide Park Lands Management Strategy once the draft document is released for public consultation early in 2023.

    How will I know if my feedback has been received?

    All feedback, including survey responses, submissions and other correspondence will be acknowledged in writing via email.

    What will Kadaltilla do with my feedback?

    Kadaltilla/ Park Lands Authority will consider all of the feedback it receives as part of the current engagement. The information gathered via the survey, the workshops with key stakeholder groups and the August Community Forum will inform the development of a revised draft APLMS that is expected to be released for community consultation early in 2023.