What facilities are available for lease/licence in Park 21?

    The facilities in Area A include a sports building (change rooms - 1), natural grass fields currently used as two north-south oriented soccer pitches (with oals), irrigation (pop up sprinklers) and lighting to support soccer training.

    There is a smaller turfed area to the east situated between the soccer pitches and the building.

    Area B contains no formal facilities and is an open natural grass unirrigated field.

    Can Area A and Area B be leased/licensed together or separately?

    Council will consider submissions for just Area A or Area B or submissions that include both areas.

    How long is the lease/licence for in Park 21?

    The actual term (length) of the agreement will be dependent on the submission, but it is anticipated that the maximum term of agreement will be five (5) years.

    What are the costs for leasing/licensing the facilities in Park 21?

    There are fees for leasing the building and licensing the fields. The actual fees will depend on your organisations capacity to undertake the maintenance.

    For instance, for additional fees Council can maintain the building and undertake basic grounds maintenance, e.g. lawn mowing, weed spraying.  
    Other costs to be considerate of are utilities including irrigation of the fields and general maintenance.

    Can you just lease the sports building in Park 21?

    No. The lease for the building must be associated with the licensing of the sports fields in Area A.

    Will a business/commercial operator/individual be considered for a lease/licence of these facilities in Park 21?

    No.  Submissions will only be considered from not for profit recreation and sport organisations and educational institutions.

    What sort of access is there to these facilities?

    The grounds are serviced by on street car parking only.  Public transport via bus and tram is also close by.

    If I'm successful in obtaining a lease/licence for the facilities, do I then own the associated assets?

    No. The lease/licence holder is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of all associated assets within and related to the leased/licensed area during the lease/licence agreement period.

    At the end of the lease/licence agreement period, ownership of all fixtures, including any improvements or additions you make during the lease/licence agreement period, revert to Adelaide City Council.

    Does the lease/licence permit exclusive use of the facilities in Park 21?

    The lease of the building does allow for exclusive use of this facility, although sub-letting is encouraged. The licence for the grounds does not allow for exclusive use.  It simply provides first right of use.

    Can the lease/licence holder sub-let the facilities?

    Yes. Sub lease/licence agreements and casual bookings are permitted and encouraged.

    Who is responsible for maintenance?

    The lease/licence holder will be responsible for the maintenance of the leased/licensed area and related facilities.

    Council can assist with some grounds maintenance including mowing, fertilising, weed spraying, etc., but this will be at an agreed fee. Similarly, Council may undertake maintenance of the building at an agreed higher annual rent.

    What financial support can Adelaide City Council provide?

    Council, through its Recreation and Sport Grants Program, may be able to support improvements to the facilities. These are on a dollar for dollar basis. Major facility improvements are supported to a maximum of $50k.

    Grants are not provided for maintenance or lease/licence fees.

    When will a decision be made about the leasing/licensing of the facilities in Park 21?

    It is anticipated that a decision will be made by February 2015.

    What is the ‘Sports Infrastructure Master Plan – West and South Park Lands Regional Areas’?

    The Sports Infrastructure Master Plan – West and South Park Lands Regional Areas, was commissioned by Council in partnership with the Office for Recreation and Sport and has been developed in close consultation with existing user groups and key stakeholders.

    The Master Plan provides a framework to guide future investment and decision making for the improvement and enhancement of existing sports infrastructure in the West and South Park Lands.

    Where can we find a copy of the ‘Sports Infrastructure Master Plan – West and South Park Lands Regional Areas’?

    A copy of the full document along with a summary document is available on Council’s website at

    Will only submissions that are consistent with the Master Plan be considered?

    Submissions that are consistent with the Master Plan will be highly regarded.  However, all submissions will be judged on merit and assessed against the selection criteria.

    What are the areas to the north of the leased/licensed facilities used for?

    The area to the north is used for informal recreation, containing a mix of revegetation and significant remnant vegetation sites. This area also supports model aircraft flying.