What are the outcomes sought from this EOI process?

    The City of Adelaide is seeking EOI applications from community sporting organisations (including educational institutions) that can demonstrate an ability to partner with Council to deliver on the outcomes sought for the Adelaide Park Lands.

    Consistent with the Adelaide Park Lands Management Strategy, the City of Adelaide seeks the following outcomes for the Park Lands for community sport and recreation.


    • A diverse range of contemporary outdoor based sporting and athletic opportunities for a range of ages, genders, cultural backgrounds and abilities
    • Facilities which provide for local or regional level sport, rather than elite level sport.


    • Spaces that are well utilised throughout the year

    Shared Uses and Spaces

    • Sporting activity which complements and co-exists with the informal recreational activity occurring in Red Gum Park / Karrawirra (Park 12)
    • Outdoor recreational and sporting activity - indoor sporting activity is not consistent with the Adelaide Park Lands Management Strategy.

    Well Managed Facilities

    • Organisations that can partner with the City of Adelaide to deliver community sport and recreation outcomes
    • Organisations that have the capacity to provide and maintain facilities and open spaces to a high standard.

    The following is discouraged on the Park Lands:

    • Excessive built form
    • Car parking
    • Fenced areas that restrict community access
    • Single purpose facilities.

    This EOI process forms one part of the broader Park Lands Community Infrastructure Process. This process does not include the following, which will be part of subsequent discussions and processes following approval of the preferred organisation(s):

    • Actual lease/licence negotiations
    • Proposals for new buildings/facilities, including design and footprint (size of the building).

    Who can apply?

    Community sporting organisations (including educational institutions) that can provide diverse, community level rowing in Red Gum Park / Karrawirra (Park 12) are encouraged to apply, if they:

    1.    Provide for local or regional level sport, rather than elite level;

    2.    Can demonstrate year-round use;

    3.    Provide sporting activity which complements and co-exists with the informal recreational activity occurring in Red Gum Park / Karrawirra (Park 12);

    4.    Are not-for-profit, incorporated bodies;

    5.    Can operate solely or form a combined management committee possibly with sub-lessees who contribute to the diverse sporting opportunities;

    6.    Provide an indication of the type and scale of supporting built form infrastructure required to support the proposed use

    7.    Can demonstrate:

    • Financial viability and capacity
    • Experience in managing facilities
    • A sound governance / management model.

    What are the Expression of Interest: Row Club Building Red Gum Park / Karrawirra (Park 12)” Assessment Criteria

    Submissions will be assessed on the degree to which they meet the following criteria. Applicants are required to address these criteria when preparing their submission:


    The proposed use should include:

    • A diverse offering that is complementary with existing sports and recreation offerings in the City
    • Opportunities for different ages and genders to participate
    • Opportunities for people from diverse cultural backgrounds and with a range of abilities to participate
    • Opportunities for community level sport and recreation rather than elite sport.


    The proposed use should demonstrate:

    • Optimal utilisation of the facilities including day time and night time scheduling throughout the year.

    Shared Uses and Spaces

    The proposed use and associated infrastructure should consider:

    • Accommodating general community use outside of licensed game and training times
    • Broader community benefit including informal recreation and sporting opportunities
    • Co-existing with and complementing informal recreational opportunities currently available in Carriage Way Park / Tuthangga - Park 17.

    Well-managed Facilities

    The management structure (either operating solely or as a combined management committee, possibly with sub-lessees who contribute to the diverse sporting opportunities) should support the proposed activity and deliver well maintained buildings and grounds.

    The proposal should demonstrate the proponent’s:

    • Financial viability and capacity demonstrated through the provision of:
      • audited financial statements for the preceding two years of operation
      • a five year forward Business Plan, including financial projections.
    • Experience in managing facilities and maintaining them to a high standard
    • Sound governance / management model
    • Ability to partner with the City of Adelaide to develop new and improved community sporting facilities.

    What are the Expression of Interest Submission Requirements?

    Please read the “Expression of Interest: Row Club Building Red Gum Park / Karrawirra (Park 12)” Assessment Criteria' before commencing the submission process.  Your submission must include the following ‘Details of Organisation’ information and should address the following assessment criteria.

    Details of Organisation

    • Contact person and details for the EOI
    • Name of lead proponent
    • Names of all other parties / user groups associated with the proposal i.e. clubs/groups that you would be looking to share the facilities with (either via sub-licence or through a casual use agreement)
    • Evidence of the lead proponent having a relationship with other parties identified in the proposal
    • Current membership numbers (participants only - not social members)
    • Expected numbers of regular users and a description of the user group(s) e.g. age, gender, division
    • Details (name/address) of grounds/facilities currently used by the proponent and the other user groups identified
    • Statement regarding why relocation is desired (if applicable)
    • Details of current lease/licence (or other arrangement) for existing grounds/facilities including expiry dates.