Why are you proposing to make Field Street one-way?

    In the market precinct surrounding the Central Markets, there are already many streets where traffic is orientated one-way. We are proposing to do the same with Field Street. Currently Field Street is a narrow street catering for two-way traffic. Making Field Street one-way will allow for the widening of footpaths. This will allow for improved pedestrian accessibility and amenity and outdoor dining (subject to appropriate permits and conditions).

    Why is Field Street undergoing a streetscape upgrade?

    Field Street is a key area in the market precinct. This upgrade will address several issues including footpaths and pedestrian access, road surface, traffic flow and management, cleanliness and amenity, as well as greening opportunities.

    Is the streetscape upgrade in Wright Court still going ahead?

    Yes. As part of our 2018/19 Integrated Business Plan, funding was allocated to undertake design investigations for an upgrade of the Wright Court / Field Street precinct. As a result of these design works, this was split into two separate projects. The Wright Court tree planting and road resurfacing works are occurring from February 2020, while the Field Street design work is being undertaken from February – August 2020, with a potential delivery in the 2020/21 Financial Year (subject to budget confirmation).

    What are the timeframes and next steps for this work?

    Consultation for this project will occur from 11 May – 11 June 2020. Following this feedback, design work will be undertaken through to August 2020. Following completion of this work and if budget is allocated in the 2020/21 Integrated Business Plan, works will potentially occur in the 2020/21 Financial Year.

    Will there be changes to parking as a result of these works?

    Yes. There is a plan in the consultation pack that proposes simplified parking controls in an improved arrangement, as a result of these proposed works.

    Will businesses in the area be impacted?

    Businesses will continue to trade through the design works, and any impact during construction works will be discussed and negotiated at the time.