How do I get the free hour?

    The first hour is provided free if you enter and exit within an hour. 

    What happens if I park longer than an hour?

    Standard parking charges will apply to anyone who parks longer than one hour:
    0-1 hour   $0
    1-2 hour   $11
    2-3 hours  $15
    3-4 hours  $19
    4-5 hours  $24
    5-6 hours  $28
    6-Plus  $30

    Why doesn’t the hour free apply nights, Sundays and Public Holidays?

    UPark already provides a discounted $8 Flat Fee during off peak times such as nights and Sundays to encourage visitors to stay longer and enjoy all the City can offer at a time of low parking demand.

    Why doesn’t the hour free apply to the Early Bird Rate?

    The Early Bird at Rundle is a discounted flat fee for longer stays with specified entry and exit conditions. As Early Bird stays are over an hour the free hour doesn’t apply. 

    Do I get an extra hour free if I use my Accessibility Pass?

    You will not receive extra free time, but UPark’s Accessibility Pass continues to provide two hours free at UPark on Rundle. If you are staying less than an hour you will not need to use your Pass and should save it for longer parking periods at UPark on Rundle or  parking at  another  UPark.  

    Can I book the first hour free on line?

    The first hour fee will not be available to book on line however there are number of other discounted rates available if you want to guarantee your park.  Alternatively you can check our live availability at before you visit the City.