Why is this project happening?

    We have identified an opportunity to consider streetscape improvements in Flinders Street to align with planned asset renewals between Pulteney Street and Hutt Street. The proposed concept designs consider the following:

    • Reconfigure and renew the overall street amenity.
    • Prioritise safety for pedestrians and cyclists.
    • Maximise space for people and activation in the street.
    • Improve greening to the street.

    What are the benefits of this project?

    The planned streetscape improvements to Flinders Street will provide a number of benefits to the community, including:

    • Reconfigure the road corridor to create narrowed vehicle lane, promote wider bike lanes and compliant parking spaces.
    • Provide more space for safer cycling.
    • Reduce large expanses of asphalt and de-clutter footpath areas to free up space for on-street activation including outdoor dining.
    • Introducing new mid-block pedestrian crossings to shorten the distance between safe crossing points.
    • Minimising pedestrian crossing distances by introducing continuous footpaths and protuberances (kerb build outs).
    • Improving existing tree surrounds, infill gaps in the street with new trees to establish continuous street tree canopy.
    • Maximising the potential for a median with robust greening and introduce low level planting
    • Renewed road, kerb and footpath assets.

    How will this project change traffic movement?

    • Options 1 and 2
      • No change to traffic movement
    • Option 3
      • The existing traffic lanes will be narrowed slightly to accommodate the proposed changes. This will not impact traffic movement and the existing lane configuration of two lanes in each direction will be maintained. Larger vehicles such as trucks and buses will still be able to use the street.
      • Propose to continue median across two side street intersections, one at Sudholz Place and the other at Tucker/Daly Street. This will mean vehicles will no longer be able to turn right/U-turn at these locations. Vehicles entering and exiting these side streets will be restricted to left turns only. 
      • Restricting traffic movements in this way will limit the risk of accidents at these intersections and provide the opportunity to introduce a pedestrian and cyclist refuge crossing point. 

    Will there be any changes to car parking?

    To ensure that car parking is compliant with Australia Standard, a reconfiguration of the existing carparks is required. In each option below there will be a reduction in carparking along Flinders Street between Pulteney Street and Hutt Street.

    • Options 1 and 2
      • A small reduction in carparking will be lost due to compliance line marking for carparking bays. No change to angled parking.
    • Option 3
      • Parking would change from angled parking to parallel parking, this is to accommodate the bike lane and buffer zone which is consistent with the bikeway in Frome Street between Pirie Street and Wakefield Street. Parking would be available during off peak periods.

    What type of tree will be planted in Central Median?

    We would like to seek your feedback on Option 3 for the proposed median trees in Flinders Street?  

    Will any trees be removed as part of this project?

    The proposed design aims to retain the existing avenue of large, healthy street trees along Flinders Street. These will be protected during construction. 

    Existing trees that are in poor health or form may be removed as part of the project. 

    What are the key dates I need to know?

    The following is our planned program:

    • Consultation closes 11 August 2023
    • Detailed design of the streetscape works - during 2023/24 financial year.
    • Construction is planned and will be dependent on the Business Plan and Budget for 2024/25 financial year.