What is Harvest Rock?

    Harvest Rock is an annual major live music event for Adelaide which first debuted in 2022. The event will include international and Australian artists for two days of live music alongside South Australia’s best food and beverage offerings. 

    The organisers promote that Harvest Rock will also bring an indulgent feast of culinary offerings, including everything from top tier dining options to food trucks and curated spaces where you can enjoy the usual festival fare, amongst many other feasting flavours.

    In addition to general admission entry, the festival also includes a range of premium tickets including the VIP Village, Harvest Lounge, Suites, and Platinum Lounge.

    Where will the event take place?

    The event will be held in both Rymill Park / Murlawirrapurka (Park 14) and King Rodney Park / Ityamai-itpina (Park 15), as well as on Bartels Road.

    What benefits will Harvest Rock bring to the City of Adelaide?

    Harvest Rock will attract music enthusiasts and visitors from interstate and overseas, as well as local and regional visitors to the city’s Park Lands, providing a boost to Adelaide’s CBD, as well as hotels, hospitality and retail businesses in the associated precincts and surrounds.

    Event organisers estimate Harvest Rock will attract attendances of up to 25,000 patrons per day.

    The organisers are committed to prioritising the use of South Australian based suppliers, vendors, accommodation, and industry, to deliver and support Harvest Rock. 

    Why must Bartels Road be included in the site area?

    Bartels Road will act as conduit between the two Parks to facilitate the safe movement of the expected large crowd between the two main performance stages. The closure of Bartels Road has been requested to accommodate setting up marquees, fencing, decor and food and beverage offerings for attendees that will be located on the road area.

    How long will Bartels Road be closed for?

    If approved, Bartels Road will be closed between East Terrace and Dequetteville Terrace from 10:00am Monday 23 October 2023 to 11:59pm on Monday 30 October 2023 for Harvest Rock 2023, which is a period of 8 days.

    Why must Bartels Road be closed for 8 days?

    Harvest Rock is seeking an 8-day road closure of Bartels Road, between Dequetteville Terrace and East Terrace, to allow for the safe and timely set up, operation and bump out of the space for this years’ event.

    The 8-day road closure applied for is an increase of 4 days from the previously approved 4-day road closure in 2022. 

    The additional 4 days required is based on learnings from 2022, and the ongoing commitment to provide a safe working environment and safe event. Additionally, planning by event organisers will focus on ensuring that disruption to the local community and businesses during the 8-day road closure period is kept to a minimum.

    The organiser has advised that were a number of challenges experienced in 2022 due to the limited 4-day road closure period. The approved 4-day road closure in 2022 allowed for 24 hours to bump in and construct an extensive set up on Bartels Road, which the event organiser has advised is untenable and had significant flow on effects to the event operations.

    The 8-day road closure would operate as follows;





    Monday 23 October 2023 (from 10.00am)

    Set up and building of infrastructure on Bartels Road


    Tuesday 24 October 2023

    Set up and building of infrastructure on Bartels Road


    Wednesday 25 October 2023

    Set up and building of infrastructure on Bartels Road


    Thursday 26 October 2023

    Set up and building of infrastructure on Bartels Road


    Friday 27 October 2023

    Set up and building of infrastructure on Bartels Road


    Saturday 28 October 2023

    Harvest Rock Event Day 1


    Sunday 29 October 2023

    Harvest Rock Event Day 2


    Monday 30 October 2023 (until 11.59pm)

    Bump out infrastructure on Bartels Road

    Will local access be maintained?

    Local access into East Terrace and Cleo Lane will be maintained for residents at all times.

    How will stakeholders be notified of this event?

    If the event road closure is approved, all residents and businesses residing in the surrounding area will be notified of the upcoming road closure via a letterbox drop organised by the event organiser two weeks prior to the event. 

    Included in the letter will be details of expected noise, road closure details and an event hotline telephone number. Advanced notice signage will also be placed on Bartels Road prior to and during the road closure period. This event hotline telephone number is provided by the event organiser should a member of the public wish to lodge any feedback or concerns during the event. 

    Additionally, the City of Adelaide uploads details of upcoming events on the Event Dashboard.

    Who can I contact during the event if I have any concerns regarding the event?

    Events are required to provide an event hotline telephone number, should a member of the public wish to lodge any feedback or concerns during the event period. Any member of the public can use the event hotline number during the event to provide their feedback to the event organiser. The event hotline phone number will be operated for the duration of the event. Alternatively, members of the public can contact the City of Adelaide on 8203 7203 to lodge any feedback or concerns.