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December 2022

Hindley Street Footpath Extension Trial Update

Identified through community and stakeholder engagement, the Hindley Street Footpath Extension Trial is a part of Council’s ongoing Main Street Revitalisation work. This trial began in November 2021 with the following aims:

  • To address pedestrian safety issues by increasing the walkable space in selected areas where congestion occurs by widening the footpath.
  • To move outdoor dining furniture off the footpaths into the extended on-street areas.
  • To enhance street aesthetics by way of greening with low level planter boxes.
  • To provide new spaces that present opportunity for curated community street activations.
  • To test the practical impacts of kerb alignment that will inform long term improvement, planning and design.

A 12-month review of community and stakeholder feedback gathered through direct trader and late-night patron liaison, surveys and a CoA Yoursay webpage has recently been completed. The results of the data reveal:

  • The area at the Woolshed at 100 Hindley Street has been highly successful in achieving all of the trial aims, and a further 12-month extension of this trial area will now occur.
  • The Hello Harry area at the corner of King William Street was largely unused and caused significant traffic congestion, highlighting a preference to reinstate the left-hand turning lane over the continuation of the trial. This footpath extension was removed in December 2022.
  • Due to a change in the business mix, the timber ‘parklet’ structure at 101 Hindley Street (Red Robin Café – now closed) was removed in December 2022 while the mural artwork area of the extension will remain in place at 99 Hindley Street (99 Gang Social).
  • A temporary footpath extension at the newly opened Hindley Street Music Hall located at 149 Hindley Street was identified. This new extension aims to address safety issues relating to congestion around access and egress of audiences attending performances.

Additional feedback will be collected over the next 12 months and the trial will undergo further review in November 2023.

The latest information can be accessed at the Yoursay address below.

Hindley Street Footpath Extensions Trial | Your Say Adelaide (

Below shows before and after photos of the trial locations at the Woolshed, 100 Hindley Street and the Hindley Street Music Hall at 149 Hindley Street.

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