Why is Council consulting on this lease?

    Lease consultation is a statutory requirement under the Local Government Act (SA) 1999 when the term of the lease is greater than 5 years. This lease is for 18 years.

    Why does Jolleys Boathouse require a long-term lease?

    As an existing commercial enterprise who has operated and built a reputable business in the Park Lands, the 18-year lease agreement allows the business to plan for the future, secure its investments in the internal refurbishment, and to recover the cost of closing the business for 3 months.

    How will this long-term leasing arrangement affect my use of Red Gum Park/Karrawirra (Park 12)?

    It is anticipated that the long-term lease and its associated uses will not change how the community currently experiences this area of the Park Lands. It is anticipated that the community will continue to benefit from all uses of this park, now and into the future.

    When will Jolleys Boathouse close for capital works?

    It is proposed that Jolleys Boathouse will close for 3 months from June to August 2020.

    Are there any other changes proposed to the site?

    There are no other changes proposed.