Where is the North Adelaide Railway Station?

    The North Adelaide Railway Station is located in the north-western corner of Possum Park / Pirltawardli (Park 1) and adjacent to War Memorial Drive and the North Adelaide Golf Course. 

    The station was opened in 1857 as part of the expansion of the rail network in South Australia and is among the earliest railway stations to survive. The property is included in the Register of State Heritage places (see attached Heritage Information Sheet) and listed by the National Trust. The property is protected by Heritage controls and any use will need to work within these guidelines.

    What does the property comprise of?

    The property comprises the former North Adelaide Railway Station building and associated land which includes two buildings referred to as ‘Left Hand Building PR44122B & Main Building PR44083B’ which form the North Adelaide Railway Station (see Image 3 – Floor Plan in the EOI Information Pack and on this page). Together they are packaged with an external fenced space to the south.

    The platform is not included as is managed by State Government and remains an active platform for commuters.

    The building area is estimated to be 225m2 gross plus outside areas that have the potential for outdoor dining and displays.

    The site is surrounded by parks and open spaces and would make a great location for community, cultural, hospitality or tourism operators.

    Any application made for an EOI will be required to undertake all relevant steps as detailed by the Council before it is considered as part of the final assessment process and the proponent will be responsible for all costs associated with any new planning and building approvals that are required.

    What is City of Adelaide's role in the leasing and licensing of the Adelaide Park Lands?

    The City of Adelaide is the custodian of the majority of the Adelaide Park Lands and is looking to partner with community groups and commercial operators who can demonstrate relevant experience to activate the Park Lands and deliver Council’s strategic plan to:

    “promote increasing the number of people visiting the Park Lands and city for leisure or entertainment by providing support to organisations that attract visitors to the City”.

    It is proposed that the North Adelaide Railway Station operate under a lease giving the lessee sole occupancy of the building and also the external fenced area to the south.

    What is the City of Adelaide seeking from this EOI process?

    The City of Adelaide is seeking applications from interest parties that in particular can demonstrate an ability to deliver on the outcomes sought for the Adelaide Park Lands which include:

    Dynamic, active + tranquil places

    Places of activity, creativity and tranquillity for everyone that support our changing lifestyles, health and wellbeing.

    This outcome addresses:

    • Destinations and attractions in the Park Lands  
    • Creation of activity hubs to support a diverse range of recreational needs
    • Park Lands as a visitor and tourist attraction
    • Management of activities and events
    • Enhancement of buildings.

    Welcoming + attractive places

    Places of diverse landscapes and natural beauty providing a range of recreational, sensory and stimulating experiences of discovery.

    This outcome addresses:

    • Establishment of a cohesive Park Lands identity
    • Enhancement of natural, ornamental and cultural landscapes.

    Sustainable + enduring places

    Places that thrive in the face of a changing climate.

    This outcome addresses:

    • Sustainable use of water
    • Resilience in the face of changing climate
    • Role of Park Lands in broader City carbon neutral targets and in managing Urban Heat Island effect.

    Memorable + distinctive places

    Places celebrating Adelaide’s unique natural and cultural heritage

    This outcome addresses:

    • Protection and preservation of the Park Lands
    • World Heritage nomination for the Park Lands
    • Identi­fication, protection and interpretation of Kaurna cultural and heritage sites
    • Protection and interpretation of the cultural and environmental values of the Park Lands
    • Protection and preservation of the National Heritage-listed Park Lands
    • Protection and interpretation of the cultural and environmental values of the Park Lands and their cultural landscapes

    In general, commercial services are encouraged to operate where they provide community benefit and support outdoor recreational use of the Park Lands

    Decisions on leasing and licensing (including liquor licensing) associated with commercial operations are guided by the Park Lands Leasing and Licensing Policy and also require Council approval.

    The following is discouraged on the Park Lands:

    • Single purpose facilities e.g. office accommodation
    • Car parking
    • Newly created and / or additional fenced areas that restrict community access

    NB: This EOI process does not include lease/licence negotiations, which will be part of subsequent discussions and processes following approval of the preferred proponent (Lessee).


    Who can submit an Expression of Interest?

    Only incorporated businesses and organisations will be granted a lease or licence. Individuals will not be granted a lease or licence over Park Land.

    All applicants must demonstrate the ability to meet the Assessment Criteria including all financial obligations under a lease or licence and maintain appropriate insurances.

    Can people inspect the property prior to submitting an application?

    Interested parties are invited to inspect the property on the 29 March 2022 between 12 midday and 2 pm. Staff will be available on-site to answer any questions relating to the possible uses and other matters including the potential limitations due to the heritage status of the building. 

    Please contact Matthew Field on the details provided below to confirm an inspection time:

    Matthew Field

    Community Leasing Coordinator

    T: 8203 7373

    M: 0466 951 318

    E: m.field@cityofadelaide.com.au

    Or visit yoursay.cityofadelaide.com.au

    What happens after the call for EOIs closes?

    The Call for EOIs closes 5pm,  Monday 2 May 2022. After the closing date, all EOI applications will be acknowledged by the contact person via email.

    All EOI applications received will be assessed against the Selection Criteria provided on the Submission Form by a review panel. As part of the EOI reporting requirements to Kadaltilla/Park Lands Authority and Council, Council has the final right to select one or none of the EOI submissions .

    If only one submission is received and meets the requirements outlined in the Assessment Criteria, Council staff have delegation to directly negotiate a new lease with the proponent, therefore negating the need to report outcomes of EOI to Kadaltilla/Park Lands Authority and Council. Alternatively, if one submission is received and does not meet the requirements outlined in the Assessment Criteria, Council staff may call for a new EOI process.

    Please note that due to the competitive nature of this EOI process staff are unable to provide specific advice and information to applicants as this may give your application an unfair advantage over other applications.

    Estimated Timeline

    Activity Timing
    EOI opens21 March 2022 
    Property Inspection: Session 1
    29 March 2022 - 12pm - 1pm
    Property Inspection: Session 229 March 2022 - 1pm - 2pm
    EOI closes5pm, 2 May 2022 
    Review submissionsMay 2022

    Report to Kadaltilla / Park Lands Authority (APLA):

    June/July 2022
    Report to CouncilJuly/ August 2022
    Notify applicants of Council decisionAugust 2022