Why upgrade Paxtons Walk?

    Paxtons Walk is a significant link between Lot 14 (off North Terrace) to Rundle Street and the greater East End precinct. It is the only north-south link between Frome Street and East Terrace. Its northern end exits onto North Terrace opposite the Botanic Gardens Tram Stop, which allows pedestrians to cross North Terrace without having to deviate. 

    Given the greater importance of Paxtons Walk today, and the need to upgrade the existing stormwater infrastructure, the opportunity to improve the amenity and functionality of Paxtons Walk was identified. 

    To support the project, Council was successful in obtaining funding of $2.2m from the State Government’s Planning and Development Fund as part of the Open Space and Places Grant, to undertake the Paxtons Walk Revitalisation project.

    What does the Paxtons Walk Revitalisation Project involve?

    On completion of the upgrade, Paxtons Walk will be a green and open street, seamlessly connected to Ayer’s House gardens, offering a pleasant and attractive streetscape. 

    The project will provide:

    • A wider and more open walkway
    • Improved sightlines for increased in sense of safety 
    • New lighting to create an attractive streetscape
    • Provide the ability for businesses on the ground floor of the Palais Building to better integrate with the pedestrian link
    • Open up green vistas to Ayers House 
    • Upgraded stormwater infrastructure.

    Which part of Paxtons Walk is being upgraded?

    The streetscape of the entire Paxtons Walk (from North Terrace to the intersection with Vaughan Place) is being revitalised. The extent of the stormwater infrastructure upgrade is along all of Paxtons Walk and a short section of Vaughan Place. 

    How is the Paxtons Walk Streetscape Revitalisation being funded?

    This is originally a $150,000 drainage renewal project, which is elevated to a major streetscape project supported by a State Government grant of $2.2 million given the importance of this thoroughfare.

    When will construction take place and how long will it take?

    The construction of the Paxton’s Walk Upgrade will commence in July 2022 (preliminary works are scheduled for mid-June) and is scheduled for completion by end 2022.

    The contractor will try to ensure impacts on residents, traders and pedestrians are minimised during construction. Please note that construction might restrict pedestrian access at times, which would require a detour via Frome Rd. Vehicle access via Vaughan Place will also be affected and we will work closely with the nearby businesses and residents to minimise any inconveniences.

    It will be a priority to manage construction staging efficiently and in a timely manner to reduce disruption to businesses and properties on and adjacent to Paxtons Walk. Regular construction progress will be shared throughout the project. 

    How will nearby traders, businesses and building owners be supported?

    The City of Adelaide will work with residents, traders, businesses, building owners and other stakeholders during construction to manage the impacts.

    Working closely with traders and businesses we will develop strategies to maintain their profile during construction and assist them to communicate to their customers, clients and passers-by that Paxton’s Walk is ‘open for business’. Example of the support that may be provided include ‘open for business’ and directional signage.

    Regular updates will also be provided as construction progresses, with direct contact made with those most affected.

    These updates will include information about upcoming construction and changes to access so that any necessary information can be communicated to customers, suppliers or providers. 

     A project manager will be able to provide prompt feedback and discuss any matters that arise.

    What will happen to the loading bays?

    We recognise the importance of being able to service the businesses and traders along Paxtons Walk. During construction, access to the loading bays along Rundle Street will be maintained with advance notice provided to businesses and traders if temporary access limitations is required due to the works being carried out. Vehicle access through the Frome Rd end of  Vaughan Place will not be available. We will communicate with traders so that they are aware of the temporary disruptions to access as construction progresses.

    How can I provide feedback and stay in touch with what’s happening with the upgrade?

    Regular updates will be posted on this page. 

    You can make an enquiry and provide feedback by calling the City of Adelaide Customer Centre at 8203 7203 or emailing feedback@paxtonswalkupgrade.com.au.  You can also keep an eye on the Upgrade progress at cityofadelaide.com.au/paxtons-walk