Who do I contact for more information?

    Jill Andrews; Recreation Planner
    Phone: 8203 7585
    Email Address: j.andrews@adelaidecitycouncil.com

    What has happened so far?

    The Design Team (including the Council) conducted a “Spaceshaper Workshop” involving the children and staff from Sturt Street Community School. This special workshop involved a walk to and from the playground and asked children to think differently about the space than they usually would. Many creative ideas and insights were collected.

    Why do we need a Masterplan?

    A Masterplan is the first step in the design process. During this stage all of the ideas and opportunities are raised and recorded through consultation with the community and through observations and analysis by the Consultants. A vision and potential concepts are then recorded in the Masterplan and the steps forward agreed upon by Council.

    More detailed design work that enables construction, planting of landscape materials, seating and so on can then take place as funding becomes available since the overall concept has been agreed.

    What sorts of things might be considered when refreshing the playspace?

    At this point, we are gathering ideas from the community, so it’s early days!

    We recognise that some of the existing play structures are well loved and used, so as the old saying goes; “If it aint broke, why fix it!”.

    However, there are opportunities to create some new, adventurous and creative structures to replace some of the older, outdated ones.

    We also recognise that there is a unique history to the park – it was created in honour of Princess Elizabeth’s visit to Adelaide in 1927. We value this history, so changes to the landscape – new shade trees, more colour or texture – will be considered in this context.

    Other elements we may review are fencing, lighting, the pathways, the entrance points, and of course possible future activities on the oval space.

    Is the building on the site heritage listed? What does that mean?

    The building is not currently heritage listed but it is highly likely that it will be soon because of its contribution to the history of the local area.

    When a building is heritage listed it means that any proposed additions or alterations to it must be assessed by Council with regard to its identified heritage values. It also means that funding is available for conservation works under Council’s Heritage Incentive Scheme. This building is a wonderful example of how the City of Adelaide and the community used to use the Parkland area, and we would explore opportunities that will result in it being able to be enjoyed once again.

    How can I provide my feedback?

    There are a number of ways in which you can provide feedback on the draft ideas that will be displayed in the Imagination Morning:

    Attend the Imagination Morning on Saturday 9th of February at Princess Elizabeth Playspace
    Feedback Forms will be available to complete at the Imagination Morning. The Design Team and Council will be there to listen  to your ideas, develop some more with you and record them for consideration in the Masterplan

    Feedback Form
    Complete the Feedback Form which asks specific questions about the project and provides an opportunity for general comments.

    All Feedback Forms must be received by 5.00 pm Friday 15th February 2013 and addressed to:
    Community Consultation
    Princess Elizabeth Activity and Playspace Masterplan
    GPO Box 2252, Adelaide SA 5001

    Online/ Website
    Council has a dedicated website that provides an opportunity for quick and efficient online feedback. Visit yoursay.adelaidecitycouncil.com for information about the project and online ways to provide your comments.

    Alternatively comments can be emailed to yoursay@adelaidecitycouncil.com

    What happens to my feedback?

    The Team will collate all the feedback from the Imagination Morning,

    Feedback Forms and online Feedback forms and combine it with the “Spaceshaper Workshop” ideas and suggestions.

    The feedback will be presented to the Project Steering Group and any relevant Staff from Adelaide City Council.

    The feedback will assist the team to further refine ideas or develop new ones, ready for consideration by Council.

    Everyone in the Community who was involved in the Consultation process or provided any feedback will be invited to view the Draft Masterplan on the Your Say Adelaide website once it has been developed.