How is safety defined in this context?

    Safety is the ability to pursue domestic, social and economic life without fear or hindrance of crime or disorder. Building and maintaining community safety requires a whole of community approach with residents, visitors, businesses and all levels of government working together to support a safe and inclusive environment for all.

    Feelings or perceptions of safety refers to an individual’s subjective level of comfort or safety and their perception of risk. A person’s perception of safety is real to them regardless of their actual risk.

    What is included in the review of the Safer City Policy?

    We are particularly seeking feedback on the proposed policy principles and the three outcomes areas. These are:

    Proposed policy principles
    • Inclusive
    • Respectful
    • Shared responsibility
    • Harm minimisation

    Proposed outcomes

    • Safe streets, spaces and places
    • Strong and welcoming communities
    • A world-renowned safe destination

    Are there any safety-related areas that are not part of the review?

    Because they are included in other policies, strategies or projects of Council, the review of the Safer City Policy will not address the following areas:

    Homelessness ~ Dry Areas ~ Environmental Health ~ Climate Change ~ Emergency and Disaster Management ~ Road Safety

    Where can I find the Community Safety Discussion Paper 2019?

    The discussion paper can be downloaded by clicking here.  Hard copies are available at the City of Adelaide Customer Centre, the City Libraries and Community Centres.

    Where can I view the existing policy?