What’s happening now?

    The project has been approved by Adelaide Park Lands Authority (APLA) and Adelaide City Council – detailed design will commence once consultation is completed and Development Approval needs to be obtained.

    What if the project didn’t go ahead?

    Flooding of major roads will continue as well as severe erosion causing unsafe and unstable banks.

    Is the Project funded?

    As part of Council’s Renewal Program, the Creek between Beaumont Road and Unley Road will be renewed over the next five years which is also outlined in Council’s Long Term Financial Plan.

    When will construction start?

    Construction will commence early 2017 and will continue for 5 years. Most works will occur in Spring or Autumn to avoid summer heat and winter rains.

    What type of plants will be planted?

    Native plants, varying grasses, shrubs and utilitarian plants that are robust and prevent weeds and erosion will be planted.

    Will there be a reduction in trees?

    The Master Plan requires 58 tree removals to widen the creek and lay back the Creek banks. Once the project has finished there will be up to 135,000 plants planted, including up to 1350 new trees. 

    What restrictions will be in place during construction?

    Footpaths and foot bridges will be impacted in each stage of the project. Advanced signage and detours will be in place to ensure all Park Lands users are well informed.
    Sports fields will not be impacted and only temporary impacts on the Marshmallow Playground will occur.

    How has the need for the restoration work been identified?

    A number of studies, including an independent tree audit, have been carried out to assess the condition of the Creek. These include:

    • A comprehensive hazard identification inspection and analysis undertaken by Council which included the section of the Creek between Beaumont Road and Unley Road (from Victoria Park (Pakapakanthi) to Park 20 (Kurangga) in the South Park Lands
    • An analysis in 2015 of the performance of the Creek in Park 16, which provided vital information for design improvements to enable the Creek to perform at a higher level. This  work, which was critical in the development of the Master Plan,  identified the need for:
      • The revegetation of the Creek to preserve existing native vegetation and significant trees
      • Changes to the Creek profile  to support natural creek performance and increase biodiversity; and
      • Creek realignment to reduce existing rapid water flow.
    • In 2015 an independent tree audit and survey was carried out along the Creek in Parks 17-19. It assisted Council to identify trees that:
      • Must be retained
      • Were optional for removal; including undesirable exotic species that could be removed to allow for creek rehabilitation options

    Several studies and storm water management plans have been underway between local Councils since 2006 as the Creek flows into the Glen Osmond Creek in the City of Unley and directly impact the Brownhill Keswick Creek. The Master Plan design has incorporated the design flows proposed in the detention basins in Park 20 (Pakapakanthi) and Park 16 (Kurangga) of the most recent storm water management plan. The Master Plan is efficient in managing the current creek layout once the detention basins have been built.

    Why do we need this project?

    Over time the condition of the Creek, which runs through Tuthangga (Park 17), Wita Wirra (Park 18) and Pityarilla (Park 19), has deteriorated. This deterioration has been caused by a number of environmental factors including through erosion; bank instability; sedimentation; loss of habitat; weed/exotic tree intrusion, and the presence of a number of safety hazards to the users/community due to steep/vertical banks.

    What is the South Park Lands Creek Master Plan?

    The Master Plan is a five year program of necessary work needed to restore the condition of the Creek. The Master Plan, which will cost an estimated $3.88million, is to be delivered over a 5 year period as part of Council’s draft Water Asset Management Plan. 
    This project will improve safety along the creek, increase biodiversity and reduce flooding in the South Park Lands.
    The Creek would be enhanced so that it contributes to its Park Lands setting and the ecology of the South Park Lands more broadly.
    This work will mitigate risks and reinstate the level of service in the Park Lands for the users/community.

    What is the South Park Lands Creek?

    The South Park Lands Creek (the ‘Creek’) is an artificial drainage channel that was built in 1917 to channel water from the Greenhill Road/Fullarton Road intersection through the South Park Lands. Over time the condition of the Creek has significantly deteriorated.

    How can I raise any concerns or obtain further information?

    You can raise concerns or obtain further information by attending an:

    • Information Session - 18 June 2016 – 9am -12pm, Park 19 adjacent to Marshmallow Playground
    • Meet and Greet Session - 23 on June 2016 from 4:30pm – 6pm, Box Factory, Regent Room

    Email yoursay@adelaidecitycouncil.com for information about the project.

    Comments can also be emailed to yoursay@adelaidecitycouncil.com.

    Alternatively you can contact the project manager using the details below:

    Name: Kylie May, Project Manager, Capital Project Management Team, Adelaide City Council 
    Tel:  8203 7420
    Email: K.May@adelaidecitycouncil.com