How can we encourage people to access the Park Lands safely?

over 4 years ago

After reading Discussion Paper 3 - Park Lands, share your thoughts about city workers/commuters being able to park their cars on roads that intersect the Park Lands?

  • The Bish over 8 years ago
    What we must do is provide plenty of parking because most peoplec will not come if the only options are public transport & then walking. The parklands must have the sort of attractions that the modern generation is looking for. Perhaps bigger areas for barbies & more of them. We must try & overlook these people who are living in the past & have a look don't touch mentality. These are the people who are simply over the top in preserving the parklands as a relic of the past & no changes whatsoever are even considered. I'm not keen on any development that might be uneccessary but if its for the greater good it must be considered as long as it isn't of a commercial nature. Removing trees is an area that gets these people all riled up but if we could say fix the Brittannia roudabout by removing some trrees then we should do it. It would of coarse depend on how many trees. If we are talking about dozens then no but one plan was aborted because of less than 10. If we can't rely on commmon sense then any plan to improve our parklands are doomed to failure because there will be nothing done that will transform anything & therefore will not attract anyone.