Should we reduce the number of car parks in the city?

about 4 years ago

Discussion Paper 6 - Parking presents a number of potential strategies to reduce parking in the city. What do you think of our proposals in this paper?

  • Adelaide resident about 8 years ago
    Please do not reduce car parking spots. Also consider reducing car parking fees to what they were say two years ago. It is a disincentive for people to come in to go shopping or visit me around the City when car parking has gone up over the last two years or so. Especially during tougher economic times, people will take their buisness to local shopping areas or complexes where there is free parking and sheltered walk ways.
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    • Greywig about 8 years ago
      This is a real issue as discussed in point 4 of the Discussion Paper. Keeping the number of car parks that we have will mean that Adelaid will remain totally dominated by cars. A slow and gradual change is necessary. We could perhaps follow Copenhagen's example. When this was suggested there in the 1970s, they got exactly the same response - that it would kill the city. They took a small percentage of car parks away each year and nobody really noticed. It certainly had the desired effect.Car parking is expensive but it always will be. There is no such thing as free parking. It has to be paid for somehow. I think what we should be aiming for is to improve other ways of getting into the city, like fast and frequent bus and train services and safe and segregated cycling routes.
  • The Bish about 8 years ago
    If the number of car parks in the city are reduced it could be just another nail in the coffin of th CBD as a plac e for many to visit. Better designed car parking that is more efficient & less obtusive would be a good idea but no reductions. More parking around the city with free green buses to supplement the tram would be a good idea.
  • PerryW about 8 years ago
    Discussion paper 6 seems to be, disappointingly, heavy on sticks and light on carrots. I agree with the principle, discourage parking in the city, use pricing to do so by all means. But don't do so without offering an alternative to those of us who have little or no choice. We don't have anything like a 21st century public transport system in Adelaide and we have pitiful provision for peripheral parking. Without a viable alternative (usable mass-transit or park n ride), increasing parking costs is nothing more than a tax that we, or our employers will have to pay - worse than that, for those of us who live outside of 5000+ but have to work every day in the CBD, it's taxation without representation.