Why is the University of Adelaide applying for a 42 year lease?

    The University of Adelaide is applying for a 42 year lease to not only secure its financial investment in Parks 10 & 12 to date and in the future, but to continue the promotion of a variety of sporting activities. This includes organised sports such as cricket, football, tennis, lacrosse, soccer, athletics, touch football, ultimate frisbee and rowing as well as personal training and special event competitions.

    Who can I contact for more information?

    For more information, please contact:

    Name: Carmine Gallarello
    Title: Consultant, Community Property
    Phone: 8203 7717
    Email Address: c.gallarello@adelaidecitycouncil.com

    How do I provide my feedback?

    Online / Website
    Council has a dedicatemd website that provides an opportunity for quick and easy online feedback. Click here to provide your comments.

    Alternatively comments can be emailed to yoursay@adelaidecitycouncil.com

    Feedback Form
    Complete the Submission Form in the consultation pack to provide your feedback. Submissions must include the name and residential address of the respondent, and will be included in a report to Council that will be publicly available.

    Written Submissions
    All written submissions must be received by 5.00 pm on Friday 30 November 2012 and should be addressed to:

    Community Consultation
    The University of Adelaide 42 Year Lease Proposal
    GPO Box 2252
    Adelaide SA 5001

    As an individual will I still be able to use Parks 10 & 12?

    There is a desire to encourage and continue the passive use of Parks 10 & 12 by individuals, families and groups of friends for social activities such as such as picnics and barbeques, and other informal recreation.

    How will this affect the users of Parks 10 & 12?

    It is envisaged that the proposed 42 year lease will not affect users of Park 10 & 12. As currently experienced, the community will continue to benefit from unrestricted access to Parks 10 & 12, with exception of organised scheduled sporting usage.

    What change will be seen?

    The only physical proposed change that will be evident in Parks 10 & 12 will be the redevelopment of clubrooms. The University of Adelaide has already received Development Plan Consent to demolish 4 buildings and to construct a new clubroom in Park 10.
    Parks 10 & 12 are currently under the management and control of the University of Adelaide and this will be a continued arrangement.

    What are the fees and will they be discounted over the 42 year period?

    The fees that are associated with this lease are determined in accordance with the Park Lands Property Strategy which can be found by clicking here.
    No discount is being offered to the University of Adelaide in exchange for the proposed longer term lease.

    What happens to my feedback?

    A summary of all the feedback received will provide Council with the necessary direction on how the University of Adelaide: 42 Year Lease Proposal will proceed.

    How do I know my feedback has been received?

    All feedback forms, submissions or correspondence will be acknowledged either by email or in writing so that you know your comments/feedback has been received.