What is the 27 Vincent Place Development Plan Amendment (DPA)?

    The 27 Vincent Place DPA proposes to remove the heritage status of 27 Vincent Place, Adelaide as a Local heritage Place (Townscape) Place from the Adelaide (City) Development Plan.

    How many buildings are part of the proposed DPA?

    The DPA proposes to remove heritage listing of 27 Vincent Place, Adelaide. The DPA does not apply to any other property or area within Adelaide City Council.

    What is a local heritage place?

    The criteria used to determine whether a building has heritage value are described in Section 23(4) of the Development Act 1993. These are the same criteria used by all councils throughout South Australia and were first applied by Adelaide City Council in North Adelaide in 2006 and in the south west and south east corners in 2009.
    The Act says:

    A Development Plan may designate a place as a place of local heritage value if:
    (a) it displays historical, economic or social themes that are of importance to the local area; or

    (b) it represents customs or ways of life that are characteristic of the local area; or

    (c) it has played an important part in the lives of local residents; or

    (d) it displays aesthetic merit, design characteristics or construction techniques of significance to the local area; or

    (e) it is associated with a notable local personality or event; or

    (f) it is a notable landmark in the area; or

    (g) in the case of a tree (without limiting a preceding paragraph) - it is of special historical or social significance or importance within the local area.

    This means that the building may not necessarily be old (although most of them are) or in original condition. They may also be worth protecting because someone of importance has lived there, they represent a particular social period in the city, or their construction technique is worth preserving.

    What does the removal of the heritage status mean?

    When a building is no longer listed it means that any proposed additions, alterations or demolition are no longer assessed by Council with regard to its heritage value. This means that the building could be demolished and replaced with a new building

    Any proposals will be assessed against the provisions and standards within the Adelaide (City) Development Plan.

    Who can I contact for further information?

    For enquiries, please call:

    Amanda McConnell (Mon - Tues) on (ph) 8203 7536 or via email A.McConnell@adelaidecitycouncil.com
    Jim Allen (Wed - Fri) on 8203 7684 or via email J.Allen@adelaidecitycouncil.com