Arts + culture = living & growing

As a child, dance took me to a happy place; I did jazz and modern dance and felt so free and empowered when I moved my body to music and choreography. I also loved the few ballet productions and musicals I attended as they exposed me to the magic of live arts at that age.

In my teenage years, I attended a performing arts high school and was part of the theatre program. Acting was so therapeutic, and a wonderful creative avenue to explore and channel emotions, and to tap in to myself; it made such a difference to my life back then. I had a passionate and super talented drama teacher who was very inspirational to all of us; he even taught us Tai Chi as a tool for calm and focus!

As a young adult and following my visual nature I connected with and studied photography, and to this day the ability to observe and admire the aesthetics of everything around me, even in turbulent times, has been a grounding opportunity to stop, breathe, look around, take notice, and start up again.

Regarding culture, I feel very fortunate to have lived in different countries which has allowed me to be open to enjoying the cultural aspects and offers of a place. From Latin American, to North American, Greek and now Australian, I have appreciated the myriad and colourful ways people express themselves individually and collectively, and also the common denominators; archetypes in cosmologies, shared aspirations, similar values and codes, dilemmas, amongst others, which we share and make this big Earth one small, wonderful place for living, experimenting, learning and growing.

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