Rock n' 'roll ain't noise pollution

The invention of the wheel produced one fundamental benefit (there are obviously others) for me...the invention of the turntable...and therefore an ability to play records and from there, a lifetime appreciation of music!

Music (particularly loud, brash, and bold music) makes the world go round; it makes it worthwhile getting up in a morning (other than work of course).

Without music, life would lack meaning. I have enjoyed buying records, buying CDs, downloading MP3s for as long as i can remember (and i am hitting the mature stage of life).

A bonus of living in Adelaide and working in the City is having many great venues to watch bands live. I have spent many hours between the Rocket Bar, the Austral, the Exeter, PJs, to the Cranker, the Enigma Bar, Fat Controller, Jive and on to HQ, (the Gov, Coopers Stadium, Memorial Drive, the Entertainment Centre are near enough to be in the City) indulging my passion for live music...the City of Adelaide has such variety, is easy to get to. When Aerosmith gets here my music bucket list will be complete...lets hope they get to the Oval soon.

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