Draft 2017-18 Integrated Business Plan

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Consultation has concluded


50 public submissions for the draft 2017-18 Integrated Business Plan were received by Council and taken into consideration in the adoption of the 2017-18 Integrated Business Plan on 13 June 2017.

The Honourable Lord Mayor Martin Haese talks about the City of Adelaide’s Draft 2017-18 Integrated Business Plan in the video below.


50 public submissions for the draft 2017-18 Integrated Business Plan were received by Council and taken into consideration in the adoption of the 2017-18 Integrated Business Plan on 13 June 2017.

The Honourable Lord Mayor Martin Haese talks about the City of Adelaide’s Draft 2017-18 Integrated Business Plan in the video below.

Consultation has concluded
  • Consultation Update

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    The City of Adelaide recently invited comment from the community on its draft 2017-18 Integrated Business Plan. Consultation was open from 1 May to 22 May 2017, giving the community the opportunity to have a say about Council’s proposed priorities and services.

    City of Adelaide staff are now in the process of collating all feedback and a report will be presented back to Council for consideration. All formal submissions received will soon be available on this project page.

    Following the consideration of feedback, it is envisaged that the 2017-18 Integrated Business Plan will be presented to Council for adoption on 13 June 2017. The City of Adelaide’s responses to key submission themes will also be available online after this meeting.

  • Project information

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    Project Information

    This document is the key annual operational and financial planning document of the City of Adelaide. It describes what services and projects the City of Adelaide plans to provide in the upcoming financial year, and how it plans to allocate its budget.

    It has been developed in the context of delivering Council’s long term strategic direction as set out in the Strategic Management Plan documents. These documents are required by the Local Government Act 1999 and include the:

    • City of Adelaide 2016-2020 Strategic Plan; and
    • Asset Management Plans.

    These plans outline the City of Adelaide's objectives over a four year period. The Strategic Plan provides a vision for the City - Adelaide is a welcoming and dynamic city full of rich and diverse experiences. They show how Council intends to achieve its vision through sustainable growth and seeking to balance the City of Adelaide’s responsibility to provide quality and value in local government services for ratepayers, with its wider responsibilities under the City of Adelaide Act 1998 in managing the City and the Park Lands on behalf of residents of the City and all city users.

  • Background

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    The development of the Strategic Plan was informed by extensive community engagement (more than 2,000 people) through Picture Adelaide 2040, employing a broad mix of traditional and innovative consultation methods.

    The Strategic Plan and draft Integrated Business Plan are directly aligned. The Integrated Business Plan is presented under the four themes identified in the Strategic Plan: Smart, Green, Liveable and Creative.

    This year's draft Integrated Business Plan is the result of a rigorous process of review and challenge to every aspect of Council’s projected revenue and expenditure with a strong focus on efficiency and alignment to the 2016-20 Strategic Plan. It has incorporated significant challenging of resources required to deliver on our objectives and a high level of interrogation of business needs across the organisation.

    A number of reviews have been undertaken across the organisation to ensure we are structured and resourced appropriately to deliver on the Strategic Plan. Further reviews will be undertaken as part of a rolling program to evaluate our service delivery, efficiency and effectiveness.

    Combined savings and efficiencies identified during the 2017-18 budget cycle exceed $3 million, which has created capacity to absorb significant incremental cost pressures in areas such as energy prices and technology costs.

    In developing the Infrastructure Program, major opportunities were identified to align upcoming asset renewals to more holistic streetscape improvements. A multi-year investment has been proposed to create a rolling program of city improvements balanced with essential renewals. Where required, projects have been accelerated for delivery in the 2017-18 year with a strong focus on community value.

    The projects that help to deliver our strategic plan have been prioritised with a focus on strategic plan alignment, business criticality and capacity to deliver.

    A strong commercial approach has been applied in the development of the commercial businesses budget. This approach will deliver supplementary revenue streams from existing assets, whilst addressing key business risks.

  • 2017-18 Highlights

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    Highlights for the year ahead are:

    • Leveraging growth from new development activity in the City to relieve cost of living and cost pressures on City residents and businesses by freezing the rate in the dollar for the third consecutive year
    • Strong commitment to a significant and sustained funding for investment in the City’s capital works program of $43 million p.a. over the next three years
    • Continuing Council’s investment in the Rundle Mall Master Plan with a redesign and upgrade of Gawler Place to be more people-focussed and provide an improved streetscape
    • Progressing climate change initiatives to deliver our strategic goal for the City of Adelaide to be the one of the world’s first carbon neutral cities
    • Exploring new and innovative ways to enhance the visitor experience through smart technologies and working with partners such as the South Australian Tourism Commission to leverage Adelaide’s key markets
    • Delivering community celebrations, such as Christmas in the City, Adelaide’s New Year’s Eve and Australia Day in the City, that are open and inclusive and provide a safe and family friendly environment in the City
    • Creating an exciting and vibrant connect between the Adelaide Central Market and the Adelaide Riverbank in partnership with the State Government
    • Working with our Strategic Partners (such as Adelaide Convention Bureau, Renew Adelaide, Study Adelaide, Festivals Adelaide and Music SA) to promote Adelaide as a destination to do business, study, visit and perform
    • Creating a Smart City through growing a smart, liveable and sustainable city with enhanced customer experience, enabled by smart technology (Smart Organisation)
    • Delivering a collection of memories and stories shared by Aboriginal Elders and members of local Aboriginal communities through exhibitions in a variety of locations
    • Providing sponsorship/grant funding support to assist art, cultural and community groups and organisations to deliver inspiring art, cultural and multicultural activities, events, programs or services
    • Delivery of a well-balanced transport network to promote a more accessible city whilst working towards reducing the City’s carbon emission through projects such as City Bikeways and contribution to the light rail extension
    • Supporting owners in the conservation, upgrade and use of their heritage places through the Heritage Incentives Scheme and Mainstreet Historic Façade Improvement Scheme
    • Attracting new financial investment and businesses to establish in the City, and support existing businesses to grow their presence in the City and expand into overseas markets
    • Further development and promotion of the ‘Welcome Adelaide’ WeChat platform and provision of support for city businesses to leverage opportunities from increased visitors from China
    • Master planning of the Central Market Arcade Redevelopment into a thriving, mixed-use location to grow the market offer with expanded and complementary retail and market activities.